Parqal, Aseana City



PARQAL is a walkable mixed use development block in the Bay Area developed by D.M. Wenceslao and Associates. Boasting unparalleled accessibility and connectivity, it is essentially a Park that offers leisure, retail, dining, and event spaces.

As the Landscape Contractor, Cubesystem helped the project realize its design intent to have Landscaped areas that provide passive cooling and sun shading, allowing Natural Cross Ventilation. The Landscape Architect, Crearis, curated the planting palette to be able to withstand the natural sea front surrounding the development. Part of this design is an Acacia Tree that was transplanted at the center of the development representing almost a Mother Tree figure that accents the street park. Carefully balled out and transplanted, our team of Landscape Maintenance and Arborist at Cubesystem makes sure of the survivability of the entire softscape works of the development.