Earth Power

John Lennon wrote the famous single “Imagine” during a time of great racial, social, and geopolitical upheaval. Produced in 1971, the song depicts a world free of agendas, profiteering, scarcity, and conflict. Released deep in the heart of the Vietnam War, “Imagine” is a plea for the listener to consider a world free from the shackles of dogma,
to spread love just for the sake of love. It’s an antithesis of a call to arms during a time when war was all that people knew.


D+C Magazine 2018 Issue

You Say You Want A (Green) Revolution

Lush and verdant, these facades invoke memories of ivy crawling and spider-webbing across the sides of your family home. They’re a slice of wilderness in the heart of the city, a splash of viridian in the concrete canyons of Makati, Taguig, and Quezon City. You think of sustainable architecture, and this vision immediately comes to mind.


elements of landscape construction

Elements of Landscape Construction

Arch. Rowland has dedicated more than 17 years of practice in studying, conceptualizing and is to realization of design works in the interest of Architecture and Architectural Building Sustainability and Solutions.



Arboriculture: The Art and Study of Trees

Importance of Arboriculture: upgrade health and safety of trees; correct tree planting selection; proper tree pruning and maintenance; tree removal and replacement.